Learn why the gluten free diet is not enough.

The current medical research shows between 30%-60% of Celiacs, who are on a strict gluten-free diet still have symptoms, intestinal damage, nutrient deficiencies and elevated autoimmune markers. You have an inflammatory autoimmune fire raging in your body that won't stop simply with the removal of gluten. I will help you find out why you developed an autoimmune disease in the first place and help you correct the underlying imbalance to turn off the inflammatory fire.
You can reverse Celiac Disease and get your life back! I am living proof.

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When you are diagnosed with Celiac Disease, you are told to eat a gluten free diet. You might be told that it's possible to have some nutrient deficiencies, but your doctor may or may not ever test for this. You are told to come back for yearly testing. Ugh, another endoscopy and bloodwork?! And that is all.

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But, what if you eat 100% gluten free and don't feel better?


Or what if you eat 100% gluten free and your anti-tTg antibodies or anti-endomysium antibodies continue to be elevated?


Or what if your brain fog, numbness and tingling, bloating, constipation/diarrhea, body pain, or hair loss don't get better or new symptoms crop up? What if you get diagnosed with another autoimmune disease?


You must be cheating on your diet, right?


I'm here to tell you there is so much more to the story!


As a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, there is a wealth of information surrounding healing from Celiac, new research into the cause of Celiac, the factors that put the disease in motion in the first place, and what can be done to heal Celiac and autoimmunity, in general.

Factors that block healing from Celiac:

  1. Leaky gut- gut doesn't heal

  2. Persistent viral or gut infections

  3. Gluten Cross-Reactive Foods

  4. Other food sensitivities (dairy, egg, soy, corn, grains, lectins, oxalates, histmamine.

  5. Immune system never normalizes- this is an autoimmune disease, after all and the inflammatory fire needs to be calmed.

  6. Hormonal/Adrenal Imbalances

  7. Other Autoimmune Diseases

  8. And, eating a SAD gluten-free diet with lots of processed gluten-free foods.

Here are a few things you can expect to address:

  1. You must have clean air, water and food!

  2. Eat an Autoimmune Paleo Diet. This diet naturally removes most of the gluten cross-reactive foods and gut-irritating foods so your immune system can calm down and your gut can heal. It also removes night shades (leaky gut and autoimmune trigger), lectins (leaky gut trigger and anti-nutrient), grains (highly inflammatory and likely gluten cross-reactive), nuts and seeds (PUFA's, high allergen food, and gut irritating), eggs (high allergen food, gluten cross-reactive, escorts pathogenic bacteria across epithelium), dairy (high allergen food, gluten cross-reactive, feeds pathogens), soy (anti-nutrient, gluten cross-reactive), and corn (GMO, gluten cross-reactive, high glycemic index). This way of eating can be adapted to low-histamine and low-oxalate needs.

  3. Address gut and viral infections with natural herbs and supplements.

  4. Heal and seal your leaky gut.

  5. Repopulate your gut with beneficial bacteria and create a diverse, healthy microbiome.

  6. Address toxicity in your body and environment. Cleanse heavy metals and get your detox pathways working again.

  7. Balance nutrients and minerals.

But, how can I get better?


There is no pharmaceutical for Celiac yet.

In Functional Health Practices, we view the body as a complex organism where everything is interconnected. Your seemingly unrelated symptoms are part of the whole system losing proper function. By addressing diet, lifestyle, infections, mindset and decreasing your toxic exposure, your body can heal.

You can get better and get your life back!

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B.A. in Sociology, University of Santa Cruz, 2001​

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Certified, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, 2016​

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Certified Gluten-FREE Practitioner, 2018

Factors that cause Celiac Disease:

  1. Glyphosate and other toxins

  2. Viral infections

  3. Gut infections

  4. Gluten and Zonulin

  5. Genetics

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