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Meet Allana


Allana is not only certified as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner and a Certified Gluten Practitioner, she has lived it. She has overcome her own allergies, asthma, Celiac Disease, digestive issues, joint pain, hypothyroid,  brain fog, mold illness, Lyme Disease + coinfections and multiple gut infections. She comes from a place of compassion and experience.

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A New Health Paradigm


If you have been to multiple doctors, nutritionists, acupuncturists, and chiropractors and tried every diet and supplement out there, with no relief, there is hope!


In Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) ®, we seek the underlying cause of your symptoms and poor health. We correlate your symptoms with Functional lab tests to understand why your body is out of balance. Every system in your body is interconnected and must be considered, along with emotional well-being.


Learn how this new paradigm can be your last stop toward health, happiness and longevity.

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®


By combining detailed health history, health story, family history, lifestyle and life events with Functional lab tests, I am able to find the underlying cause of your health concerns. I look into digestion, oxidation, metabolism, the immune system, detoxification, hormone balance, stealth infections (parasites, bacteria, yeast, viruses, biotoxins) and the nervous system to find imbalances. I then customize your health plan with a focus on nutrition, rest, movement, stress reduction, supplementation and life enrichment.


All consultations are conducted via phone, Skype or other video services.



Digestive wellness

Gut infections/microbiome 

Stealth infections/biotoxins

Leaky gut

Food allergies & sensitivities

Anti-inflammatory diet

Detoxification/Toxic overload

Hormone balance

 Metabolic function

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